At Coppermill, we are dedicated to providing a broad, creative and enquiry led curriculum through high quality teaching, incorporating all art forms, together with  the core subjects - English, Maths and Science. We provide our pupils with an environment which encourages independence and enables them to explore and use their abilities through rich and wide-ranging learning opportunities and experiences. We believe in empowering every child to foster a passion for reading, with books underpinning our practices and approach. 

Our curriculum enables our children to develop key skills and knowledge in all subject areas and is rigorously mapped out to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum. Progression documents and curriculum overviews in each subject ensure that children build on prior learning throughout their journey through school as well as ensuring that pupils are challenged and supported.  

Our child-centred philosophy also equips our pupils with skills for their future lives, by supporting their social and emotional well-being, developing their confidence and resilience and building on their academic success and progress.

Our curriculum is enhanced by carefully chosen and well-planned educational visits and in school workshops which inspire our pupils and add cultural capital to our curriculum. By the time our pupils leave Year 6, we are confident that they will have developed as learners and as individuals, who enjoy school and are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need before beginning secondary education.

Please browse through the rest of our curriculum section to see our curriculum overviews and information for each subject.