At Coppermill we develop the physical, social and emotional well-being of our pupils through our P.E curriculum. We provide a broad and ambitious curriculum, rich in skills and knowledge which engages and challenges all pupils to achieve their potential. Our curriculum promotes progression in skills and knowledge in sports and games; inspiring a life-long love of physical activity and healthy living. Through a supportive and inclusive learning environment, both children and staff feel safe, heard and valued to achieve success which is embedded through our whole school ethos and values. Children apply their skills individually and in teams. Children develop the skills to self-reflect and analyse their own learning; looking at ways of improving their skills and overall health and fitness.  


At Coppermill we follow the Getset4PE scheme. The scheme provides lessons written by teachers which are carefully mapped to the National Curriculum and build the knowledge and skills children need to be successful across a range of sports, games and PE disciplines. Through weekly PE lessons  every child has the opportunity to participate and develop and we ensure that skills and knowledge are built on year on year with learning sequenced appropriately to ensure progression. Our PE curriculum focusses on specific games, sports and dance styles as well as developing broader physical and social skills which can be applied to a range of sports such as balance, coordination and teamwork. During KS2, our children will also have a series of swimming sessions delivered by specialist teachers to develop their water confidence and swimming abilities. We also take part in a range of competitions with other schools in the borough which help encourage the children to foster a sense of team spirit as well as understanding the importance of a healthy sense of competition and how to manage setbacks. 

Please see below for our yearly overview which shows the units children will follow in their PE lessons. 


By the end of year 6, children at Coppermill will have developed: 

-A knowledge of and skills within a range of sports, games and dance styles. They will also have developed core skills and knowledge which they can apply to all areas

-A passion and enthusiasm for sport 

-An understanding of the importance of sport, games and dance for their physical health and well-being and why keeping active, alongside a healthy, well balanced diet is essential

-An understanding of how to be part of a team and to support each other with challenges