At Coppermill, we will enable our pupils to develop a love of reading and the ability to express themselves creatively and confidently through written and spoken word. We believe that the expert teaching of literacy skills - reading, writing, speaking and, listening - is essential for developing responsible, self-motivated and highly capable learners. 


Beginning with a strong focus on early reading and writing, through high quality teaching of synthetic phonics, the children will be taught systematically how to decode, comprehend, discuss, interpret and apply knowledge of a range of text types with progressive fluency. Exposing all children to a diverse range of rich texts, they will be able to:

We support students' curiosity and critical thinking skills by not only delivering an ambitious, engaging and challenging curriculum but also by providing purposeful learning opportunities. We aim to create a nurturing learning environment where literacy is valued, celebrated, and integrated across the curriculum, enabling pupils to develop language proficiency, critical thinking, and a lifelong love for reading and writing.



The impact of our literacy provision has a significant impact on the overall development and achievement of our pupils. Through ongoing summative, formative and peer assessment, teachers are able to monitor pupils' progress and provide timely feedback, setting targets that challenge and support each child appropriately. As a result, our pupils achieve consistently high standards in reading, writing, and spelling, demonstrating a secure understanding. Through quality teaching, pupils make excellent progress from their starting points, with any attainment gaps effectively narrowed. Furthermore, our pupils are confident and creative communicators; they articulate their ideas clearly, use appropriate vocabulary, and actively listen to others, fostering effective skills for future success.

Please see below for our literacy overview document as well as our reading and writing progression documents

Reading and writing schedule 2023 - 2024 22.5.24.docx
Literacy - Reading progression.docx
Literacy - Sentence structure using Alan Peat sentences.docx