At Coppermill, the Eco Council play a vital role in school life. At the beginning of each year, children are given the opportunity to apply for the Eco Council and complete an application form. The previous year's Eco Council look over these forms and shortlist children to take part in elections in class. 

They look at the skills that the children feel they can bring to the role as well as their ideas for how the school can continue its ongoing commitment to being sustainable and eco-friendly. The children who are shortlisted then present to their class, who vote anonymously for the two best candidates. See the photo below for our wonderful school council for this year. 

Each term the Eco Council focus on an area they would like to focus on. These include (waste and recycling, biodiversity and food). They work with the Eco Council lead to develop projects which will help the school to develop in one of these areas (for example last year the Eco Council helped us to develop areas around school for planting seeds and helped to maintain the rain gardens outside school). The Eco Council also carry out important jobs around school, reminding children to recycle their waste and ensuring electronic equipment is switched off whenever it can be. Please check back later in the Autumn term for updates on what the Eco Council have been working on.